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What a job…car park, pitch levelled and walking track completed.

What a job…car park, pitch levelled and walking track completed.

As the Chairman of the Club, I can wholeheartedly and without any hesitation whatsoever recommend Dar Golf Construction, Hudson Brothers & Darcy Groundworks.

Dar Golf were awarded the contract to level the entire site and construct the walking track.  The results are beyond any expectations the committee and the community of Manor Kilbride had envisaged.  An Incredible Job.

Today at 6.30AM Dar Golf arrived to spread the final load of stone on the car park and that wrapped up this phase of development.  Their consummate professionalism showed no boundaries and they bent over backwards to ensure the Club were happy.  I would like to personally thank Brian D’Arcy in particular, a true professional.

And to Hudson Brothers who delivered over 40 loads of stone throughout the past couple of years and to both Peter and Tommy who were always on hand to deliver at short notice. Without their quick response we would have been in awful bother. They provided a first class service to this community focused project.

At the early stage of the development, none of the recent results would have been possible without the incredible job by Darcy Groundworks, Alan, Jack and the team helped others in the community to realise the potential in the site and without their initial work on the site none of the recent work would have been possible.  Thanks to Alan, Jack and the lads.

There are so many people to thank, it is difficult to know where to start, even this week Max Breen, Conor O’Toole, Conor Hendricks and John Jones have all helped out.  Not to mention the financial and consultation services offered by countless people in Manor Kilbride and beyond.

Thank you too all,


Diarmuid Haughian.