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Race Night Winners and Photos

Race Night Winners and Photos

Well done to all last night especially Ethel Miley & Michael who manned the taps! And special thanks to Norman from DB Entertainment, who ran a great event.

And to Lorcan Clarke who managed the Auction Race, which brought in a wopping €3650, and the two lucky winners were Hicham Elafghani who walked off with a cool €1278 and Seamus Phibbs who’s horse came in second to earn €548. Well done to both Seamus and Hicham.

Again, thanks to all our sponsors of the event, which we will profile over the coming weeks.

The Horse Winners on the Night are listed below, each picking up €40, congratulations!  Winner will be notified shortly:

  • Race 1A: Paul Cruise
  • Race 1B: Declan Bealin
  • Race 1C: Brenda Jones
  • Race 1D: Barry Murphy
  • Race 1E: Ita Donohoe


  • Race 2A: Emma Pollard
  • Race 2B: Aoife Mcgowan
  • Race 2C: Neil Donohoe
  • Race 2D: Karen O’Toole
  • Race 2E: John Ward Sr


  • Race 3A: Garett McKenna
  • Race 3B: Nuala Haughian Jr
  • Race 3C: Anton & Kathy Trant
  • Race 3D: Gillian McDonald
  • Race 3E: Pat Donohoe Sr


  • Race 4A: Martin O’Donoghue
  • Race 4B: Loretta Freehill
  • Race 4C: Eilis Quinn
  • Race 4D: Lee Douglas


  • Race 5A: Tena Cruise
  • Race 5B: John Ward Sr
  • Race 5C: Danielle Osbourne
  • Race 5D: Tom & Claire Magee


  • Race 6A: Elaine Ward
  • Race 6B: John Healy
  • Race 6C: Gerard Cruise
  • Race 6D: Marian Rushe


  • Race 7A: Michael Ruttle
  • Race 7B: Shane Kelly
  • Race 7C: Peter Doyle
  • Race 7D: Nicloas Sheran


  • Race 8A: Caitriona McKeon
  • Race 8B: Jimmy & Gill Reynolds
  • Race 8C: Kieran McCabe
  • Race 8D: Lisa Broe & Anthony Geoghegan


  • Race 9A: Bill Walsh
  • Race 9B: Richard Houlihan
  • Race 9C: Emily Clarke
  • Race 9D: Eilis Quinn