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Club Pre Paid Lotto for 2023 – Launch…

Club Pre Paid Lotto for 2023 – Launch…

The Club’s Pre Paid Lotto in aid of the Community Playground and Car Park for Manor Kilbride.

The Club are running our Annual Pre-Paid Lotto and we have a shortfall of 30K Euro for the Community Playground so our aim is hit 300 Pre-Paid Lotto entries. Please try your very best to support and feel free to buy more than one entry!!

So, select your 4 numbers to enter into 41 draws throughout 2023 for €100 (there is also an option to pay in two installments).

The Jackpot is currently at €4450, deadline is Sunday the 12th of March – to enter online see: – or email:, or phone: 0863113443

Pre Paid Lotto 2023 - Kilbride GAA Wicklow