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20 Trees Planted in pitch…and Gallery

20 Trees Planted in pitch…and Gallery

As you may be aware the Club received a 500 euro grant to plant trees from Wicklow County Council, which was great.  And so, we engaged Catriona Taylor at Blessington Lakes Garden Centre who acted not only as tree supplier but a consultant who also managed to bring along the crew from Bugs, Bees & (Native) Trees, thank you to Dr David Mulcahy.

But a special mention to Caitriona who co-ordinated the project.

So, we had loads of help, including some of the younger members of the Club. Thanks to John Jones who split the steaks during the week and also Niamh Magarr who provided the much needed sausages sandwiches after a long morning!

If anyone is wondering, the trees have to be protected from the deer, so, each tree had to be deer fenced, which more than doubled the cost of the project, unfortunate but necessary.