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Waxing Daddy’s Legs for The Manor Kilbride Playground….RAISES…€2100…Brilliant

Waxing Daddy’s Legs for The Manor Kilbride Playground….RAISES…€2100…Brilliant

Target €500….achieved…€2100…incredible…

The Manor Kilbride Montessori School presented a cheque today for €2,100 to Diarmuid to help finish works for the playground. The children were very excited to meet the man behind it all and are even more excited for when it opens up. A big shout out to Mark Kelly, Paul Needham, James Lyons, Marias Van Zyl, Josh Martin and George Beattie for waxing their legs to raise the money. Also a special thank you to Deirdre for doing all the hair removal.


We have 5 brave dads that are going to wax their legs next Friday 10th to raise funds for the new and first ever playground in Manor Kilbride for the community. We have a minimum target of €500 so all support for the dads is greatly appreciated 💪❤️]

We had an extra volunteer for the waxing so we had day 1 today as we were booked up with slots for tomorrow. Fair play to our first two victims ( apologies I mean volunteers 😜) for grinning and bearing the pain to raise funds for the children’s playground ❤️.

Well done to Mark Kelly and George Beattie…painful…

Make a Donation today…

You can revolut donations to 0872046644 referencing your name and cause or pm us for bank details for anyone unable to make it up to the school. Thank you so much for the support for a great amenity for the children and the community 💪❤️

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